The recommendation rate at HolidayCheck

The calculation logic, a specially developed algorithm, determines the recommendation rate of your hotel.

The calculation logic

All published reviews, weighted by the recency (month of travel), will be incorporated into the recommendation rate of an accommodation. This calculation produces a weighted mean value. The weighting is determined by the recency (month of travel) of the ratings, with the 'half-life' period being one whole year. For example, a new rating will be weighted more than one published for a holiday from a year ago.

The following curve shows that the impact of a review steadily declines from month to month. A current review has a weighting of 1. If a holiday is three months in the past, the weighting of its rating will be 0.84896. However, if it is already 12 months in the past, the rating is reduced to 0.5. After 60 months, the weighting is reduced to 0.03125.

The calculation logic’s takes into account the current conditions more than ever before. Grab the bull by the horns and actively ask your guests (naturally while complying with our CODE OF CONDUCT) to submit a review to give your recommendation rate a positive boost! The more recent the review is, the more weight it will be given within your hotel’s recommendation rate.

When your guests check out, you can reach out to them personally and ask for a review there and then. 



Tips for more reviews

We have compiled a selection of useful tips to help you get more ratings from your guests. These can be found in the following article.

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Our rules regarding hotel ratings

The Code of Conduct is the behavioural code for hotel owners which stipulates the possibilities and restrictions that are applicable to hotel ratings. We have compiled all the information you need below.

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