Upload images of your accommodation in the Business Center

In order to stand out from the multitude of accommodations, high-quality and up-to-date pictures are crucial. Use your photos to show what makes your accommodation stand out and why future guests should book their stay with you.  

Here you will find instructions on how to upload your pictures. 

1. Upload photos

First of all, make sure that you can use various photos of your accommodation to give potential guests a good overview. Put your focus on features that make your accommodation stand out.

You can start with the guest rooms - they look best when they are well lit and you photograph them from different perspectives. 

Do you also offer your guests a wellness area or an indoor swimming pool? Or do you have your own fitness area? Then capture these facilities with high-quality images as well.

Have you renovated your accommodation? Then new photos are also indispensable. And did you know, that guests are always happy when you adjust your profile photo to the season? 

By the way: Pictures with a current shooting date are displayed at the top of the picture gallery!

Use the button "UPLOAD PHOTOS" to upload your pictures.

Please note to the following quality criteria:

  • Minimum size of 1280 x 720 pixels (landscape format) or 720 x 1280 pixels (portrait format)
  • No image collages and photos with inserted texts, smileys or watermarks
  • No images older than five years
  • No scanned or photographed documents such as flyers, site plans or similar
  • No photos whose motifs invade privacy, e.g. recognizable license plates
  • No photographs of minors or private individuals 
  • No links or logos as well as framings, advertising brochures or computer animations
  • No pictures of landscapes or surroundings 

It is best to upload at least 10 high quality pictures in at least 3 categories:

  • Photos of the hotel's exterior view
  • Photos of the rooms  
  • Photos from one or more other categories (Lobby / Restaurant / Beach / Pool / Garden / View / Sports & Entertainment / Other)

2. Set your profile picture

Specify a main photo and other images that you want visitors to see first on your hotel profile at HolidayCheck. Simply click on the "+" or on an existing photo to select an image. 

Please note that the highlighted photos can only be replaced by other photos. It cannot be deleted at this point.

Important info about changing your photos

Please note that we check every file uploaded to the Business Center before it appears in the gallery. This may take up to 48 hours. There may also be a time delay in the publication of your photos.  

If you still do not see your updated photos after 48 hours, we recommend that you clear your cookies and cache

In case you did not upload any pictures yet or only a few, we will use pictures from former guests to show your accommodation. Quite often these photos are taken with cell phone cameras and are poorly lit. Therefore, we recommend that you upload appealing photos of your house and update them regularly.

Your perfect hotel profile

Every day, thousands of potential guests are looking for the right hotel for their next vacation. A perfect hotel profile with up-to-date pictures and descriptions will convince these potential guests of your hotel. The following checklist will help you to optimize your hotel profile on HolidayCheck.

Delete hotel pictures

You can delete your own uploaded photos by clicking on the trash icon on your selected image within your gallery.

This does not include highlighted photos, where only one image can be replaced and not deleted. 

Photos of former guests cannot be deleted. Renovations or even hotel takeovers do not mean that older photos become untrue. However, we are happy to mark them separately.

Please contact us at SERVICE@HOLIDAYCHECK.COM.

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