How to collect English hotel reviews

Ask English-speaking guests to review your hotel on HolidayCheck. Your advantage: English reviews are also included in the recommendation rate and ranking to the same extent as German reviews.

English reviews can only be submitted with the relevant link / QR-Codes which you can find in your Business Center. Like all other reviews, they go through our review process and are automatically translated into German when they are published.

And this is how it works:

  • Log in to your Business Center 
  • Go to the section "Promo tools" and then "Promotional tools"
  • Choose and download your individual QR-Code (German or English)
  • Place the QR-code in guest-visible areas (like the lobby, reception, room doors, and information booklets)

To the Business Center

Examples of our design templates

  • Different motives to choose for reception displays or review cards
  • Individual QR-Code of your accommodation
  • For your reception or your direct guest contact

To the Business Center

Our tips for using the QR-Code

  • Save the QR-Code of your choice on your device (such as your iPad) and motivate your guests to scan the QR-Code and write a review for your hotel
  • Integrate the QR-Code in your after-travel email to your guests and ask them to leave a review 
  • Use the free design templates to create reception displays or review cards and place them in guest-visible areas

Important information

Please observe the rules and conditions for active guest contact that we have defined in the  Code of Conduct

English reviews can only be submitted via the relevant  link / QR-code 

• Reviews in other languages (e.g. Spanish, Turkish, etc.) cannot be published

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