Collect reviews with the Review-Tool

The Review-Tool is a website that you can use easily and free of charge on any tablet or computer with an internet connection. Here we explain how to make the best use of the review tool. 

That's what is behind it:

1. Talk to your guests personally during their stay and let them know that you appreciate their opinion very much and would be pleased about a review on HolidayCheck.

2. The guest then leaves his/her e-mail address in the Review-Tool and thus declares his/her interest in submitting a review for your house. (Important: In order not to violate the privacy policy, do not enter the e-mail address into the tool without the consent of your guests.)
After the stay, the guest receives an automatic e-mail reminding him/her of your personal request for an evaluation. 

3. The guest can write at home a review in peace and in detail.

Where do you find the Review-Tool?

The link to the Review-Tool is available in the BUSINESS CENTER. You will find the link to the individual Review-Tool for your hotel under the menu item "Promotional tools". You can open it with one click and make it available to your guests, for example on a tablet.

Please note: HolidayCheck is a German language platform. In order to be understood by all users, only German reviews are published. Therefore, the Review-Tool is only available in German. In the Business Center you can have the reviews of your guests translated so that you can understand them. 

Tell your guests about the Review-Tool

Let your guests know that they can enter their e-mail address in the input field and after about a week they will automatically be reminded by e-mail of leaving a review for your house. Provide tablets for your guests to take advantage of the Review-Tool.

If you do not have a free Business Center access, you can of course also create the link to your individual Review-Tool as follows: 

Step 1: Determine your Hotel-ID

In order to connect the Review-Tool with the hotel for which you want to collect reviews, you need the so-called hotel ID of your hotel on HolidayCheck. You can find it on HOLIDAYCHECK. Enter the name of your hotel in the search bar at the top right and open the hotel profile by clicking on it. 

In the address field of your browser you will see an address similar to the one in the picture:

Your hotel ID is the last part of the address, a sequence of letters and numbers that begins after the last slash. In this example, the hotel ID is: c47efe9b-a888-3c8d-b315-53271cd00530

Select it and copy it using the right mouse button - Copy.

Step 2: Add your hotel ID to the Review-Tool

Click on the following link to open it. Alternatively, you can copy and paste it manually into the address bar of your browser window.

Now delete the back part of the address (c47efe9b-a888-3c8d-b315-53271cd00530) and insert your own hotel ID. Your personal Review-Tool is ready for use!

Tip: Save the entire link (e.g. by sending it to yourself by e-mail or creating a bookmark for this page) so that you can call up the Review-Tool the next time with one click.

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