Pre-stay communication: increase guest satisfaction before their stay

Anticipation is the greatest joy - this is especially true when travelling. In our tips on pre-stay communication, we reveal how you can increase this joy and optimally prepare your guests for their stay in your accommodation.

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The most important things in a nutshell:

  • Pre-stay communication describes the exchange with guests before their stay and the associated provision of information.
  • Ensure a pleasant journey by providing your guests with directions. Also provide information about local events, sights and interesting places.
  • If you enable your guests to check in online, you can personalise pre-stay communication and save the customer a lot of time at check-in.
  • You should also draw attention to your culinary offerings in advance and offer extras that can be booked in addition.
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Tips to increase the anticipation of your guests

The guest experience begins with the booking. This primarily concerns communication with guests in advance, also known as pre-stay communication. Here are tips on how to ensure a high level of guest satisfaction even before they arrive.

1. Provide directions to the accommodation

Do you want to minimise your guests' stress on the day of arrival? Then you should send them personalised directions to your hotel and a map of the surrounding area in advance. Also include contact information for your hotel so that your guests can get in touch if they have any questions about how to get there. Keep in mind that some guests will be travelling by public transport, so also provide up-to-date bus and train timetables.

2. List of places of interest and local events

Help your guests make the most of their stay. Provide them with a list of the most important sights and local events. Use social media to share a travel guide via Instagram, for example, in which you present local attractions. Your guests will also gratefully accept a Google Maps list with all the interesting places.

If you want to tailor the recommendations more closely to your guests, you can create various themed lists. For example, this could include museums and art, excursions into nature, shopping options or the bar scene. You can also provide your guests with a calendar of local events in the area.

3. Invitation to online check-in

Another point that contributes to a smooth stay for your guests is online check-in. This has several advantages. First, you can record guests' details before they arrive to personalise all communication. Second, it saves your guests time in the queue at reception. Guests who use this service should be offered an early check-in or, for example, a pick-up from the airport.

4. Inform your guests about your culinary offerings

Is the culinary offering at your accommodation impressive? Then let your guests know:

  • Provide information about your restaurant menus, breakfast buffet and room service options
  • Present culinary specialities and special cocktails
  • Use social media here too and share professional pictures of your dishes and creative menus
  • Offer personalised meal packages based on travellers' dietary habits

5. Offer bookable extras

Pre-stay communication is the perfect time to talk about the services your hotel offers. Inform your guests about all facilities, such as gym, spa, pool, coworking space, including their opening hours. You can also use the opportunity to sell your services, such as wellness offers or a room upgrade. Allow your guests to book certain services in advance so that they can better plan their stay.


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