What characterises the best family accommodations and the most child-friendly hotels?

For many families, sharing a vacation is the highlight of the year. If you wish to make your accommodation family-friendly, you can create a holiday oasis for parents and their children by upgrading its ambience with a few extras. Here we give you some useful tips.

Smiling family of four in the hotel lobby check in at the reception for vacation.

What family-friendly accommodations have to offer

A good family accommodation provides sufficient flexibility for the youngest guests. A cot bed for babies and toddlers is now expected to be part of the basic equipment. For safety reasons, small babies in particular should have their own cot bed instead of sleeping in the parental bed. Ideally, the room should be laid out with the cot accessible from all sides and it should not be positioned directly beside a window. Generally, even older children tend to sleep in the same room as their parents when on vacation. Family rooms with bunk beds are a space-saving alternative that provides a range of sleeping options.

You know that safety is a top priority when it comes to all equipment in your accommodation. Having said that, child-safe equipment poses a couple of special challenges. For aesthetic reasons, among others, it is not possible to dispense altogether with corners and edges. Separate foam edge protectors offer protection for small children and can be attached in a few simple steps. For electrical appliances with their wiring and sockets, small fixtures need to be installed into which chargers and the like can be stored together.

From hygiene articles to leisure activities

Luggage is well known to be a big issue when travelling with children. In particular, hygiene articles such as nappies, baby talc etc. all take up a lot of space. To save families from having to travel with all that paraphernalia, and to ensure that replacements are available promptly when required, it is advisable to keep a small range of nappies, baby powder and the like on hand to cater to emergency needs. Resorts located at a distance from the nearest pharmacy or major supermarket might benefit from having a small shop offering hygiene products and baby clothes. 

As you know, when parents are on holiday they also want to relax and are delighted when someone else looks after their kids – even for a short time. Entertainment staff for children, or even a dedicated childcare room, are great ways to allow parents to enjoy a few relaxing moments. Especially during the high season, traditionally the time for family vacations, it is advisable to provide child-friendly events and playtime facilities to assure plenty of variety. These may include face painting, children’s dancing, ball baths, bouncy castles and the installation of the ever-popular playground.

Guest satisfaction – Expectations and wishes

First and foremost, when guests are looking for a family hotel, they primarily expect their hosts to understand the needs of children and, as a result, offer a safe environment that affords a great deal of variety. For example, if you have an indoor swimming pool, it should come with safety features that prevent children from accessing the deep end. In addition, the installation of a separate children’s pool is a good idea, in which case pool attendants should also be present. In the case of apartments extending over several floors, the stairways need to be enclosed with mesh panels. Changing tables that make it easier to change the little ones are also popular.

It's a well-known fact that, when it comes to food, children tend to go for quantity over quality – a child-friendly menu with the classics – chips, pasta and pizza will invariably be met with smiling faces. Especially in family accommodations, a buffet is a good way to ensure that even fussy children get their fill, and that any food intolerances can be addressed individually by the parents. Other good ideas include high chairs and children’s cutlery.

Current trends for family accommodations

Nature, adventure and a great deal of shared experiences – sustainability is a growing aspect of the family vacation. Organic food, environment-friendly leisure activities and greater inclusion are all coming to play a more important role for many families. Greater variety and flexibility is now called for in the range of choice on menus. The trend here is heading towards even more all-inclusive – although ideally with more organic food, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

Even for family hotels located on the beach, separate swimming options are very popular. An aqua park with a water slide is one of the most popular options for family accommodations because younger children should never be allowed to swim in open water without supervision.

Child-friendly equipment significantly upgrades your accommodation for families and it should be promoted as such.  

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