The HolidayCheck Award 2024

We are delighted to present the HolidayCheck Award for the 19th time in a row to the most popular accommodations worldwide! In 2024, a total of 680 accommodations can look forward to being honoured with a HolidayCheck Award, 168 of which will receive a Gold Award.

HolidayCheck Award 2024

Criteria & determination of the winners

The evaluation period covers 12 months. All reviews that were published on HolidayCheck between 01.12.2022 and 30.11.2023 and are related to this travel period will be considered for the award.

The minimum criteria to qualify for the HolidayCheck Award 2024 were:


  • Since only the 10 most popular hotels in a region receive an Award, it is possible that accommodations meet the minimum criteria but, in the end, do not receive the Award. Deviations within the popularity ranking in regions where hotel density is very high can be marginal. 
  • We also check the long-term satisfaction of the hotel's guests. The overall recommendation rate on the website must also be at least 90% on the day of data analysis (01.12.2023).
  • Furthermore, hotels that meet the minimum criteria but have been found to have violated the HolidayCheck Code of Conduct are excluded from the award nomination.


Communication to the winners

The winners will receive all information about their award by e-mail. The respective award is only valid for the individual accommodation and does not apply to all hotels in the associated hotel chain or holiday apartment complexes.

Use your HolidayCheck Award for marketing

This is how you can make optimum use of the award for your marketing:

    1. Celebrate your award!

    ... with your guests: Send an e-mail or newsletter to your guests to thank them for their valuable feedback over the past year.

    ... with your employees: You owe the award for your accommodation above all to your employees. Thank them for their dedication and commitment.

    2. Share your award!

    ... with your social networks: Communicate the award on social networks such as Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Tiktok, etc. or on your blog.

    Use your Award materials and the following hashtags: @HolidayCheck and #HolidayCheckAward2024 or #HolidayCheckGoldAward2024.

    ... with your press contacts: Write a press release about the award for your accommodation and inform your local and regional press contacts.

    ... with your tourism organisation: Make your local/regional tourism organisation aware of your success. Use the reach of your partners to communicate your award.

    3. Profit from your award!

    ... on your website: See your award as a sales argument and easily integrate the HolidayCheck Award logo into your website. If you need help with this, please send us an e-mail to:

    ... in your communication: Present your award in your e-mail signature, your brochures or invoices. Convince current and potential guests of your accommodation.

    ... with your sales partners: Stand out from your competitors and use your award as a valuable unique selling point. Send your award logo to your sales partners, who will also benefit from the inclusion of your award.

    Award materials & advertising

    You will find your award materials (your certificate, e-mail signature and much more) in your BUSINESS CENTER in the "Promo tools" section.

    If you have any questions about the materials or need support, please contact us at


    Are you a representative of a DMO or the press and need the logo or other materials? Then please contact us via:


    Are you interested in an advertising campaign? Please contact us:


    The HolidayCheck Award 2024 - Answers to frequently asked questions

    The HolidayCheck Award is an award that is presented every year to the most popular accommodation worldwide. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the award.

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