The HolidayCheck Award 2024 - Answers to frequently asked questions

The HolidayCheck Award is an accolade presented each year to the most popular accommodations worldwide. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Each year, the HolidayCheck Award is presented to the most popular accommodations among holidaymakers. All accommodations that meet the minimum criteria during the period under review and do not violate the HolidayCheck Code of Conduct are eligible to win.

The 10 most popular accommodations in each region will receive the award.

Which period and minimum criteria apply for the HolidayCheck Award 2024? 

All reviews that were published on HolidayCheck between 01.12.2022 and 30.11.2023 and are related to this travel period will be considered for the award.

The minimum criteria to qualify for the HolidayCheck Award 2024 are: 


  • Since only the 10 most popular hotels in a region receive an Award, it is possible that accommodations meet the minimum criteria but, in the end, do not receive the Award. Deviations within the popularity ranking in regions where hotel density is very high can be marginal. 
  • We also check the long-term satisfaction of the hotel's guests. The overall recommendation rate on the website must also be at least 90% on the day of data analysis (01.12.2023).
  • Furthermore, hotels that meet the minimum criteria but have been found to have violated the HolidayCheck Code of Conduct are excluded from the award nomination.

What is the HolidayCheck popularity ranking?

The popularity ranking is an algorithm that relates the number of reviews, the total rating and the recommendation rate. This popularity ranking is used to determine the top 10 most popular hotels in a region.

How will I know if my accommodation has won?

We will inform all winners by email in January 2024.  

 The email address you have registered with us will be used as the contact address for each accommodation. If you are not registered with HolidayCheck, the general contact address from our database will be used. If you or your colleagues have not received a notification from us by mid-January 2024, contact us by email:


What categories are there?

Once the winners have been determined, HolidayCheck users can filter the award hotels according to their preferences. There is no presentation of the award within categories.

Does the award apply to other accommodation in a chain? 

No, the Award is an individual Award that only applies to one accommodation and is not transferable to other hotels in a chain or holiday resort. 

Free of charge winner package 

We will automatically send the free winner's package to all hotels that have won the HolidayCheck Award at the beginning of February. If you do not receive a package from us by the end of March, please contact us by e-mail:


Will there be an Award Event?

We try to hand over some of the awards personally, depending on an individual agreement . If this is not possible, we reserve the right to send them by post. 

What is the HolidayCheck Gold Award and how do I receive it? 

The HolidayCheck Gold Award is a special accolade that was awarded to hotels for the first time in 2017. Accommodations that have received the HolidayCheck Award at least 5 times in a row will win the Gold Award.  

The "SPECIAL AWARDS" in 2021 and 2022 are not considered for the Gold Award due to the special conditions. The "SPECIAL AWARD" was awarded within the extraordinary situation caused by the Corona pandemic. During this time many destinations and hotels could receive only a few to no guests due to border closures, travel warnings and changes in entry regulations.  

Accordingly, an accommodation receives the Gold Award if it was awarded with the HolidayCheck Award in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2023 and also receives it in 2024. 

Is it possible for an accommodation to have its award withdrawn during the year?

HolidayCheck reserves the right to remove the award designation from the website during the year if the recommendation rate or Sun Index number falls significantly below the minimum criteria. The same applies in the event of a breach of the CODE OF CONDUCT.  

What is the difference between the HolidayCheck Award and "Recommended on HolidayCheck"?

The accolade "Recommended on HolidayCheck" is subject to other criteria. You can find all information here "RECOMMENDED ON HOLIDAYCHECK".

What can an accommodation do to be considered for the HolidayCheck Award?

No special registration is required to be considered for the HolidayCheck Award. All accommodations that have a profile on HolidayCheck are considered.  

However, a hotel can actively increase it's chances of winning the award. It is important to have an attractive and, above all, complete profile on HolidayCheck. This can be edited in the Business Center after free registration. 




Code of Conduct

There are rules that apply for hoteliers when dealing with reviews at HolidayCheck. They are defined in the Code of Conduct.

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