Branding Ad

Key Brand Positioning

The Branding Ad appears as a large special format, displayed next to the search results. With an eye-catching sticky banner, you will stand out from all your competitors and may directly link them to your website.

Your key advantages

  • High visibility large-area format next to competitors 
  • Exclusive presentation with up to 5 large images (slide show)
  • Possibility to link directly to your own website
  • Sticky banner: the banner remains visible even when scrolling


Watch this video and learn how to position your brand


Product details

Where is the branding ad displayed?
The branding ad is displayed on the hotel list of your desired city, region or country on the right-hand side of the listing and remains sticky when scrolling.

What are the possible durations?
The Branding Ad can be booked by the week .

Can the Branding Ad be booked exclusively for a destination?
Depending on the destination, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the traffic volume can be booked. We always guarantee exclusive display on the right-hand side of all competing hotels within a page view.

What targeting options are available for the Branding Ad?
The Branding Ad can be played out on the city, region or country level of your hotel.

Where does the Branding Ad link to?
The Branding Ad links to your own website on HolidayCheck or to your official website.

On which formats will the branding ad be played?
The branding ad will be played on multiscreen.(Mobile, Tablet and Desktop)

How can I see the performance of the Branding Ad?
Contact us here and we will be happy to send you your current performance evaluation.

Are there any requirements or specifications for booking a branding ad?
All you need to do is have an active Business Center account on HolidayCheck and have uploaded images there. We will do the rest for you.

How do I create a Business Center Account?
In this blog entry you will find detailed instructions on how to registration in the Business Center.

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