Competition Ad

Tackle your competition 

With the HolidayCheck Competition Ad you secure an exclusive placement on your competitors' hotel profiles. Your hotel will be prominently placed in competitor hotel profiles from your desired location. 

Your advantages

  • Exclusive placement on the hotel profiles of your competitors
  • Targeted promotion of your hotel in each of your desired locations
  • Additional placements within your competitors' guest reviews
  • Eye-catching presentation with large and rotating images


Watch this video and learn how to be more competitive


Product details

Where is the Competition Ad played?
The Competition Ad is played on the profiles of competitor hotels from a desired location.

What are the possible durations?
The Competition Ad can be booked on a weekly basis .

Can the Competition Ad be booked exclusively for one destination?
Yes, if you decide to play the ad in a specific location, your accommodation will be played exclusively on all your competitors' hotel profiles in your booked location .

What targeting options are available for the Competition Ad?
You can book the Competition Ad for any location .

Where does the Competition Ad link to?
The Competition Ad links to your own hotel profile on HolidayCheck.

On which formats will the Competition Ad be played?
The Competition Ad will be played multiscreen.(Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)

How can I see the performance of the Competition Ad?
Contact us here and we will be happy to send you your current performance evaluation.

Are there any requirements or guidelines for booking a Competition Ad?
All you need to do is have an active Business Center account on HolidayCheck and have uploaded images there. We will take care of the rest for you.

How do I create a Business Center Account?
In this blog entry you will find detailed instructions on how to registration in the Business Center.

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