Half Page Ad

Your advantages

  • High visibility due to wide portrait format
  • Direct link to your website or hotel profile
  • Stays 'sticky' in the margin
  • Destination targeting possible

Product details

Where is the Half Page Ad played?
The Half Page Ad is played on the HolidayCheck domains .de, .at and.ch .

What running times are possible?
Any running time is possible.

On what basis is the Half Page Ad sold?
The Half Page Ad is sold on the basis of ad impressions.

What targeting options are available for the Half Page Ad?
You can select any destination as targeting.

Where does the Half Page Ad link to?
The Half Page Ad links to your desired website.

On which format is the Half Page Ad played?
The Half Page Ad is played on desktop and mobile.

How can you see the performance of the Half Page Ad?
Contact us here and we will be happy to send you your current performance analysis.

Are there any requirements or specifications for booking a Half Page Ad?
All you have to do is send us the finished banner in the size 300x600 px with the desired link. We recommend integrating a short call-to-action and your logo on the banner.

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