Branded Player

Your advantages

  • Generation of reach outside HolidayCheck
  • Direct linking to your website as well as to your HolidayCheck website
  • Unique product visualisation through combination of video player, brand content and product integration
  • Placement on multiscreen
  • High visibility due to wide portrait format

Product details

Where will the Branded Player be displayed?
The Branded Player will be displayed on high-reach German websites outside HolidayCheck.

What running times are possible?
Any running time is possible.

On whatbasis is the Branded Player billed?
The Branded Player is billed on the basis of ad impressions.

What targeting options are available for the Branded Player?
German regional destination targeting is possible.

Where does the Branded Player link to?
The Branded Player links to your website and to your HolidayCheck website.

On which formats is the Branded Player played?
The Branded Player is played multiscreen.(desktop, mobile and tablet)

How can you view the performance of the Branded Player?
Contact us here and we will be happy to send you your current performance evaluation.

Are there any requirements or specifications for booking a Branded Player?
You only need to send us videos, images and links for the branded player.

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