Your perfect hotel profile

Make usage of our checklist to create your perfect hotel profile on Holidaycheck. A perfect profile will help you to convince potential customer and to increase the booking conversion.

Every day, thousands of potential guests are looking for the right hotel for their next vacation. A perfect hotel profile with up-to-date pictures and descriptions will convince these potential guests of your hotel. The following checklist will help you to optimize your hotel profile on HolidayCheck.

1. Check basis data and activate notification function

Check your 'ACCOUNT SETTINGS' if all data is correct. Make sure you have activated the notification function.

Our tipp: Only with the activated notification function you will be informed automatically about new reviews and user questions. Check if you have acivated it and always stay actual.

2. Update hotel description

Is your hotel description still actual or is something missing? Make sure your hotel is not only described by general brochure texts from tour operator but by your own, personal description. Actualize your description under "Hotel".

Our tipp: Beside the general description you can describe in detail the categories room, food, sports & entertainement, location and service.

3. Check and complete hotel details

Many potential guests know exactly the criteria of their favorite hotel before they start their research and the booking process. To quickly get the best search results they make usage of the filter functionality on HolidayCheck. If you have not completed all hotel details you might offer the requested service but will not be shown in the search results. So the potential customer has no chance to decide on your hotel. Make sure you have checked and completed all hotel details.

Our tipp: Please check if all your services are available during the Covid-19-restrictions and if chargable services are marked as those.

4. Actual hotel pictures

Are the pictures on your hotel profile on HolidayCheck still actual and the best ones? In case you did not upload any pictures yet or only a few we will also use pictures from former guests to show your hotel. Official pictures often have much better quality than the ones taken by guests with mobile devices. To upload new pictures has also the advantage that those pictures will be shown first in the photo gallery.

Our tipp: Show a variety of pictures from each section of your hotel. Best for us are pictures in landscape format in high resolution with minimum 1280x720 pixel. Please make sure, that the pictures are not older than five years.

5. Decide on your profile picture and the pictures in the gallery

After having uploaded your best pictures please decide on your big profile picture. This is the first impression a potential guest will get from your hotel on your hotel profile on HolidayCheck. Also choose the pictures for the gallery in the categories "exterior view", "room" and "other photos". If you do not decide on these pictures HolidayCheck will do that automatically.

Our tipp: Choose a profile picture which shows your USP in the best way (for example: Infinity pool, exterior view, etc.)

6. Comment on reviews

Did you know that 68% of all user decide on a hotel which comments all reviews? With a comment on a review you show that you really care about each guest and their opinion. This includes also a quick "Thank you" on a positive review.

Our tipp: If you have not commented on all reviews yet we highly recommend to answer at least the last 15 reviews. In average user read about 10 reviews before making their booking decision.

7. Answer questions from potential guests

Our user are your potential guests. They have the possibility to ask questions about your hotel on HolidayCheck. Those questions can be answered by other user or by you. Please check in your business center account the menupoint "Questions" and make sure all questions are answered by you. Questions can easily be translated into English.

Our tipp: Answer all questions. You are the owner of the hotel and your answer is most relevant as you are the expert of your hotel.

8. HolidayCheck reviews on your website

With a HolidayCheck widget you can publish reviews or your ranking position on HolidayCheck directly on your website. A widget is a kind of window which can be integrated on your website. Within this window recommendation rate, average rating and reviews of your hotel can be shown. You decide what you want to show, as well as the size and the colour of the widget. 

You will find further information about the widget in your Business Center. 

Our tipp: You guests can also write reviews via the widget. By integration the widget on your website you can send your guests directly to your website to write a review.

9. Marketing on HolidayCheck

Make sure your hotel will be seen first on HolidayCheck by potential customer. A high visibility will lead to more bookings. We offer a variety of products to immediately boost your visibility. Furthermore we can send potential customer from HolidayCheck directly in your own booking funnel to generate more direct bookings. All marketing possibilities are explained in our "Advertise" and "Premium Profile" section.


10. Your personal contact at HolidayCheck

At HolidayCheck there are a lot of people who personally take care of our partner and help and assist in all cases. For further questions concerning your hotel profile or reviews please contact us at SERVICE@HOLIDAYCHECK.COM.

If you have questions concerning marketing campaigns please contact us.

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