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A guest reviewed your accommodation on HolidayCheck? Then your property has been “Reviewed on HolidayCheck”! We explain below what this means, as well as what you personally can do with it.

Up-to-date hotel reviews greatly influence a potential guest’s booking decision. In addition to the price, the ratings often help a holidaymaker decide whether to stay at your accommodation*. Moreover, a hotel review on HolidayCheck is essentially free feedback which you receive from your guests. 

What is "Reviewed on HolidayCheck"?

All accommodations that have had at least one published review on HolidayCheck are “Reviewed on HolidayCheck”

Proudly display your free "REVIEWED ON HOLIDAYCHECK" STICKER to show your guests that your property has already been rated, and that their opinions are important to you. The "Reviewed on HolidayCheck" logo is also ready to download in your BUSINESS CENTER.

At the same time, you can take this as an opportunity to encourage your German-speaking guests to leave a hotel review on HolidayCheck. Because what counts for potential guests is the overall impression gleaned from a variety of reviews, and not just one.

It also gives you a chance to be among the winners of the RECOMMENDED ON HOLIDAYCHECK accolade next year!

The minimum requirements and additional information can be found here:

We recommend that you download our PRINT TEMPLATES for Front Desk Displays, Rating Cards and our EMail-Signature for your Property. You can find these here:

Do you know about our REVIEW TOOL for compiling reviews? It’s free and easy to use. 

And this is how it works:

  • Talk to your guests, tell them that their opinion is important to you and that you would be very grateful if they review your property on HolidayCheck.
  • The guest can then enter their email address into the review tool .
  • After the travel, he will receive an automatic reminder to publish a rating on HolidayCheck

The link to the review tool for your property can be found in your BUSINESS CENTER (section "Promo Tools").

We have also added useful tips to help you get more reviews.

Code of Conduct

There are rules that apply for hoteliers when dealing with hotel reviews at HolidayCheck. They are defined in the Code of Conduct.

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