Free marketing material for your hotel

Motivate your guests to write a review with the right tools from HolidayCheck.

You know very well how important hotel reviews are for the hotel business and how difficult it sometimes is to receive feedback from your guests. At the same time you might not have time or capacity to prepare your own marketing materials.

In order to help you to motivate your German-speaking guests to write a review on HolidayCheck,  we have prepared high quality visual materials that you can display in your facility or hand out to your guests.

1. Choose one or more of the attractive designs,
2. download the preferred material template and
3. print them out on a quality paper.

Currently, you can download templates for reception displays, review cards and email signature. Additionally, you can REQUEST STICKERS that we will send to you per post for free. You can see all visuals below.

NOTE: Please use the marketing material always in accordance with the HOLIDAYCHECK CODE OF CONDUCT.

Reception display

Under the following links you will find a full image portfolio of the reception displays in a .zip file. You can lead your guests either to, .at or .ch. No matter where the guest writes the review, it will be published on all three HoildayCheck domains. You can see the image portfolio below.


Review Cards

Place the review cards into your hotel rooms, on the restaurant tables, in the lobby or give them to your guests personally at their check-out.

Since this is a two-sided material, we provide you with both front and back side, like you can see on the picture.

You can choose from 8 designs like the reception display above and 3 link versions based on your target group. No matter where the guest writes the review, it will be published on all three HoildayCheck domains. 


Email Signature

Integrate the image into your work email signature, into the after-travel email or even it onto your guests' invoices.



Place the HolidayCheck stickers on your front door, reception couter or any other visible area.

We will happily send you stickers per post for free. Please contact us at B2B.COMMUNICATION@HOLIDAYCHECK.COM and let us know your address and contact person.

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