The Business Center — that's how it works!

The Business Center is your personal and free access to your hotel profile at HolidayCheck. We show you step by step how to present your hotel in the best light.

Welcome to the Business Center

LOG IN with your email and password for the Business Center. Make sure that you do not enter any unwanted empty spaces. You can change your password in the Settings later on. 

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Get started – Connect a hotel

1. Connect a hotel that you work for to your account.  

2.  Your hotel is quite likely already listed on HolidayCheck. Search it by its name (or its parts) displayed on HolidayCheck. If we have an old name, connect your hotel using this name and then change it in the ‘Hotel’ section afterwards.  

3. If your hotel is not listed, add it to HolidayCheck. 

We will notify you per email once we have connected your hotel to your account. 

Hotel Section

Display your address & contact details  

Check & complete your hotel’s address & contact details. They will be visible on HolidayCheck.  

Present your hotel with a strong description 

Describe your hotel in your own words in all applicable categories. Since the majority of visitors to HolidayCheck are German-speaking, we recommend adding a description in German. 
Make your texts personal and detailed. The more information you provide, the bigger chance you have of convincing HolidayCheck visitors. 

Facilities Section

Help your guests find you easily 

• Mark all facilities and services available in your hotel. Our users like searching for hotels using filters. If some of your features are not marked, and the user searches hotels with a particular service, your hotel will not be among the results.

Reviews Section 

Impress by commenting on reviews   

• Many users state that when choosing between two hotels, they are more likely to select the one that has responded to customer reviews

• Therefore, comment on all reviews. Respond to every guest individually and let them feel that their feedback is appreciated – no matter whether positive or negative

• Comment on reviews as soon as they are published

•Subscribe to free email notification about new reviews (in settings). 

Question Section

Shine with knowledge

HolidayCheck offers holidaymakers to ask questions about your hotel. These will be published on your hotel profile and can be answered by other holidaymakers and HolidayCheck employees as well as by you.   

Respond to questions and take the chance to get rid of last ambiguities and convince potential guests of your services.   

Good to know: You can translate questions into English with only one click! 

Read more about the question section HERE.

Photos Section

Amaze with professional photos  

1. Upload up-to-date (not older than five years), professional photos in high quality (minimum 1280 x 720 pixels) in at least 3 categories:  

• photos of the hotel’s exterior view   

• photos of the rooms

• photos in total from one or more of the other categories (lobby/ restaurant/ beach/ pool/ garden/ view / sports/ enter-tainment/ other motive)

The more varied the selection of photos, the better you can shape your presentation on HolidayCheck.  
2. Set the main and additional photos that visitors of your hotel profile on HolidayCheck will see first.  

• Simply click on the plus or an existing main/highlighted photo.  

If you don’t highlight your professional photos, guest photos (with a potentially lower quality) will be displayed instead. 

For more information and instructions on how to upload your accommodation photos, please see the following article.

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