Recommended on HolidayCheck: Frequently asked questions

"Recommended on HolidayCheck / Weiterempfohlen auf HolidayCheck" label is an annual award earned by hotels with good ratings. Here you can find answers to our most common questions.

Who is HolidayCheck?

HolidayCheck AG operates the biggest independent reviews portal for holidays and trips in the German-speaking countries. Do you want to learn more about us? Then click HERE.

What is “Recommended on HolidayCheck 2024”? 

"Recommended on HolidayCheck” is an annual award that is earned by accommodations which have enjoyed positive reviews from holidaymakers during the time of assessment on HolidayCheck.

Is “Recommended on HolidayCheck” new?

No, for the 13th time in a row we award our "Weiterempfohlen auf HolidayCheck / Recommended on HolidayCheck" label.

What minimum criteria must an accommodation fulfil in order to win the “Recommended on HolidayCheck 2024” label?

The evaluation period covers 12 months. All reviews that were published on HolidayCheck between 01.04.2023 and 31.03.2024 and are related to this travel period will be considered. 

The minimum criteria for this year's award were:

  • At least 5 published ratings
  • A recommendation rate of at least 80%
  • No violations of the CODE OF CONDUCT

How is it different to the HolidayCheckAward?

The HolidayCheck Award is only presented to the 10 most popular hotels within a single region, and is also subject to different minimum criteria. Do you want to learn more about the HolidayCheck Award? The following article compiles all the relevant information you need.

The HolidayCheck Award

Where can I find the “Recommended on HolidayCheck 2024” logo?

You can download your logos (PNG, PDF, EPS), your certificate and email signature from the "Promo tools" section of the free BUSINESS CENTER. You can also generate an HTML code which will enable you to display the “Recommended on HolidayCheck” logo on your website.

Have you not yet registered for our free Business Center? Then you can just do it here: BUSINESS CENTER REGISTRATION.

What are the “Recommended on HolidayCheck” materials?

You will receive your certificate and the “Recommended on HolidayCheck 2024” stickers by post. This may take several weeks, depending on the location of your accommodation. If you have not received your materials by 30.06.2024, please get in touch with us at B2B.COMMUNICATION@HOLIDAYCHECK.COM.

How do I edit my property’s profile on HolidayCheck?

You can gain access to your hotel profile via our free partner access function in the BUSINESS CENTER and then update your information as needed.

The Business Center provides you with various options, including the opportunity to view statistics, comment on ratings, upload hotel images and update information on amenities. Do you still require access to the Business Center? Then you can easily register here via the following link: BUSINESS CENTER.

Do you have any further questions about “Recommended on HolidayCheck 2024”? Then please write to us at SERVICE@HOLIDAYCHECK.COM.

The Business Center — that's how it works!

The Business Center is your personal and free access to your hotel profile at HolidayCheck. We show you step by step how to present your accommodationin the best light. 

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