Social media marketing strategies for hotels

Social media marketing for holiday accommodation can be key to increasing visibility, direct bookings and brand awareness. Since more and more guests interact with social media on a regular basis and get their inspiration for their next trip there, you should make Instagram and similar others a pillar of your marketing strategy. We tell you what you should be mindful of.

By regularly posting to your channels, potential new customers or hard-earned core customers get to interact with your brand. And it offers you an opportunity to communicate with your customers on a deeper level. By being consistent and having a strategy, you can succeed in being more prominent in the minds of your customers and, as a result, generate more bookings. 

How to create a social media marketing strategy for your property

You can create a media marketing strategy on a global level or on a smaller, more specific scale, i.e. tailored to your needs.  However, it is important to have a dedicated team or a contact person who is primarily responsible for it.  This ensures that your strategy is implemented consistently and not neglected. 

Your target audience

The first step is identifying your clientèle. Before creating social media marketing strategies for your property, you have to understand how social media influences your holidaymakers.  

Here is a little example:   About half of 25-35-year-olds say that social media photos of hotels and trips influence their own personal bookings. This means that you can impress your guests with your social media presence before they have even arrived at your property.

Social media as a communication tool

Nowadays, social media has become an essential part of our lives. With their staggering number of users, different social media platforms offer various ways of communicating with your audience.

These not only help properties advertise their accommodation, but also create an effective online presence.

The human connection

Use your channels to create a presence for your property. In other words, create a human connection to let potential guests know the people behind the brand.  Interact with guests by creating surveys or asking holidaymakers to provide feedback.

Post more photos of your rooms, trip destinations close to your property, recommend restaurants or share local anecdotes. 

Use photos from the interior and the exterior of your property, post stories, live videos, special offers and promotions on Facebook and Instagram.  Encourage your guests to tag themselves on photos and videos to increase your engagement. 

LinkedIn is another great channel for communicating with others. Why should you use LinkedIn? Easy: This is where you can find businesspeople. You can use it as a tool for advertising your property for special events and conferences. In addition, you can connect to companies, build relationships and form partnerships.

Looking beyond the horizon

But social media isn't limited to Facebook, Instagram, etc. A professional hotel profile is also important.  The more bookings you have, the more reviews you will get, which is a great way of increasing your reach. 



Your perfect hotel profile

Make usage of our checklist to create your perfect hotel profile on Holidaycheck. A perfect profile will help you to convince potential customer and to increase the booking conversion.

Important information at a glance

  • Social media marketing for hotels is one of the most powerful tools for drawing attention to your property. Use it to create human connections and interact with your guests on a regular basis. 
  •  The use of social media is only one part of your larger marketing and communication strategy for potential guests. But it is an important and continuously growing part that you should not neglect.  


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Social Media Campaigns

Leverage the power of HolidayCheck's social media advertising to elevate your business. Reach a targeted audience on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and influence their decision-making journey with a prominent presence.

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