HolidayCheck Mietwagen - it has never been easier to offer your guests rental cars!

Expand your product range to include rental cars for your customers.

It has never been easier to add a rental car option for your guests that is tailored to your requirements - and the best part is: You obviously get to take home a share of the revenue!  

The car rental experts at Driveboo AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the HolidayCheck Group, know the international rental car market inside out. 15 years of experience and expertise, specialists in all areas, currently active in 13 different markets worldwide and utterly outstanding at what they do - in short, well-deserving of the HolidayCheck seal of quality!

What service do we provide for you?

Many rental car operators and an increasing number of lessors are all asking the same question - how can the customer keep on top of everything? They don't have to, as we do it for them! We compare all relevant providers: Large, globally active rental car companies or small local ones - we bring them all together and select only the best and most attractive offers for you and your customers. 

And what's more: If you want to, we will even advise your customers on what they should be looking out for when booking and renting. We do all this simply to provide your customers with a satisfying and trouble-free experience when renting their car.

How does it work? 

You can select one of our 4 different rental car integration options for your website or app. Your customers can now book a rental car via this integration - and that's it! We will take care of customer service, payment and all contact with the rental car company! And following a successful transaction, you will receive a percentage of the overall revenue. 

Technical integration - how does it work?

Our rental car integration options are developed in such a way to allow them to be quickly and easily implemented by each partner. And if you have any problems, our team will happily provide you with the advice and assistance you need!

1. Api - Integration

  • Offers that are searchable and bookable in real time  
  • Option of pre-filtered/adapted offers
  • Complete integration (no links to other websites needed) 
  • Simply synchronization with your own design specifications
  • Complete maintenance of backend technologies and provision through MietwagenCheck 

2. Search Widget - Integration

  • Easy integration
  • Simple adaption
  • Takes up only a small part of the screen
  • Complete integration into the layout of your own website
  • Links to real time offers
  • Responsive design - works automatically on all devices and screen sizes

3. White Label - Integration 

  • Appearance of your own website
  • The best level of customer experience, as users stay on one website
  • No development costs required on your part
  • Responsive design - works automatically on all devices and screen sizes

4. Banner/Ads - Integration

  • Easy integration
  • Takes up only a small part of the screen
  • Design by Driveboo that can be customized if needed
  • Available for all devices and screen sizes 

Once again, your benefits at a glance:

The enhanced product range on your website provides your customers with even greater added value
You receive a percentage of the overall revenue! You receive a basic commission depending on the integration type, and we will gladly provide performance-related threshold values as an incentive for you. 

Can't find anything that interests you? No problem! Just contact us and we will work together to find the perfect rental car solution for you!

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